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I find Khmer girls very attractive do to their tan skin and curvy features. Btw, you might want to be careful of using celebrity photos.

Swipe right? Bringing hook-up apps to Cambodia, Post Weekend, Phnom Penh Post

I totally understand why she would be upset. I never said they are hookers or that I slept with them. I never use any of my own photos on this website. Just pulled them from the web. Just use them as eye candy to break up the walls of text. Thanks for the comment that is a valid concern. Much more relationship orientated unlike the media often portrays it. Siem Reap soo many markets to get lost at and friendly girls to take out for a bite to eat.

Every massage place has hot girls hard to get a real massage. Sihanoukville awesome beach friendly fun people check out the open air bars. P P very sketchy but beers are cheap. All Cambodia is cheaper, few girls throwing themselves at you or asking for money, but still friendly and willing to date. If I was looking for a serious girlfriend and not just a girl throwing herself at me seeing dollar signs Cambodia would be the number one destination.

Thanks for the comment Wayne! I had a blast in Cambodia and I will definitely go back soon.

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Missed that on my last trip unfortunately. I love a nice tan Khmer girl with big sexy lips. Haha thanks for clearing that up! Sorry that just went over my head. Even more so then Vietnam. Are most hotels guest friendly?

I want to be close to the action but not next to blaring speakers until 5AM. I have now thoroughly evaluated Thailand and Vietnam. When there is some chemistry and when its late enough you can take them home.


The beer garden was full of locals no other farangs. Check my location review of Siem Reap. The tourist visas are expensive and you need to jump through all kind of hoops… Total pain in the ass!

How To Meet Girls in Cambodia

Meeting Khmer Girls in Public The second best way to meet Cambodian girls is just by walking around and talking to people. Hookers in Cambodia Of course, if you just want to skip the bullshit and get laid there are plenty of hookers in Phnom Penh. TC on January 16, at 3: Skins on January 16, at 7: TC on January 16, at 4: Wayne Freeman on January 19, at 1: Cheers look forward to reading more. Skins on January 19, at 3: Skins on September 2, at 8: Sorry what does that mean exactly? Skins on September 8, at 2: Skins on September 9, at 7: Skins on September 10, at Shelbyville on December 22, at Skins on December 22, at 7: I always have a blast there.

An Android version of the new app was released on August 1 and, according to the the Google Play store, it has already been installed on between 5, and 10, phones.

An iPhone version was released on Wednesday this week. Matchstix helps connect these active personalities and lifestyles. This is a Cambodian-for-Cambodian app. Sex outside of wedlock tended to be something that men engaged in with sex workers at specific times in their lives, she said. Usually, these activities were undertaken with a friend or group.

Matchstix was launched on August 1 and already has between 5, and 10, users. At first, Cambodians would probably just use Matchstix just to meet, talk and get to know one another, but that could change down the track. Matchstix is the most interesting new app to come out with Khmer script, and I thought I might be able to meet some new friends to have fun or something. There are also a lot of other apps that do the same thing — chatting, flirting, making friends or partners.

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The only difference is this one is in Khmer. Some people will want to use it to just hook up. Khmer women love the idea of meeting first-time foreigners in Cambodia you are not a sex tourist in their mind. They get excited and if you ask them, they will meet you up even at the airport. Simple steps how to create a profile online, upgrade to members, send your first message and chat with the girls on Skype. This is a proven technique to get free sex during your holiday. I have used Asian Dating for seven years already and is still my favorite.

I have date and met so many girls thanks to this site. Before you subscribe, I want to give you you three facts when when dating Cambodian women online which will help you in the future.

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First, the good news. Women from the Cambodia really love foreign men. We are as exotic to them as they are to us. Dating much older men is not a problem to most of the women. In fact, it is an advantage because older men are perceived as more stable than younger boys. Most men on online dating sites are perverts. You will find Khmer girls to be loving and caring, perfect for a long time relationship or wife. Bars Catch 22 Bar Cozy Street hostess bar in the second block off the riverfront.

Lots of very friendly hostesses, affordable drinks, cold draft, full bar with cocktails and shots. Busy into the night. Island Bar Bar Well-known, popular hostess bar just off the riverfront. Lots of friendly hostesses, speaking Khmer, some English and a couple of other languages depending on who you meet.

Dating single Khmer girls

Comfy sofas and fully air-conditioned, pool table on the mezzanine level and more than a couple of good players in-house to keep you entertained. And also offering and extensive Thai and western menu including steaks. This happening nightspot is equipped 4 pool tables and a massive screen TV for sporting events.

Big beer selection, draft, all the spirits, cocktails, and a selection of wines. Music, neon tables and laser light show, bubbly ambiance. Bar, table and comfy sofa seating at the back. Full bar, cocktails, draft, good selection of spirits.