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Don't make the same mistakes. You are ready to date when you understand why you picked your ex-spouse and why the marriage ended in a divorce. This includes processing your own issues. If you don't take the time to do this, you will still have the same emotional issues that drew you to your spouse.

Christian Divorce and Remarriage: A Compelling Testimony Part 1

It is important to be able to see both your strengths and weaknesses and correct them. This may require you to see a professional counselor to untangle the marriage and divorce. Date when you are at peace with the divorce. If you are still emotionally entangled in the marriage , then you aren't ready to date. Many people pick dates that "are not my ex. The date is measured against the spouse with either good or bad traits.

Either way, this isn't going into a new relationship with a free heart. Date when you aren't comparing everything about your date to your ex. Build a friendship first. A good marriage involves partnership and companionship and one of the most common mistakes people make is to marry someone who is neither one. Friendship requires that you have mutual interests and mutual respect. If you keep the relationship platonic, you have time to figure out if this person can be a friend.

Christians and Divorce: Five Keys to Successful Dating After Divorce

Physical intimacy even without sex pressures you into making an emotional commitment, before you know the person is right for you. Don't expect to be head over heels. Physical attraction is an important part of a relationship, but when you are dating as a divorcee who has had life experience and broken relationships, you may be less reluctant to allow yourself to fall head over heels in love.

Understand this and don't refuse to go out with someone who is a great person, just because you don't have an instant attraction. Relationships can be built on physical attraction, mutual needs, companionship, and romance. You don't have to have all of them, especially as you get older. Successful dating after divorce is built on realistic expectations. Be open to a different type of relationship. Christians going through divorce have to be open to the fact that second marriages are different than first marriages.

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Second marriages often have children from prior marriages and more personal assets that are brought into the marriage. The partners are also less willing to give up their way of doing things and desire to have more independence over personal life choices, finances, and parenting.

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A marriage proposal came hours after the pregnancy test. We started planning a quick wedding, 3 months away. A month before the wedding, I miscarried.

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It was one of the scariest and devastating thing I have ever experienced. After a few weeks I began to feel a little more like myself. After all — I was getting married to the man I loved! And there would be more chances to become pregnant…. A few months later I became pregnant again. It was a healthy pregnancy and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. What a transition from full time professional woman to full time not-so professional mommy. And my husband was working lots.

After a few short years the distance between us was obvious. I begged him to go to counseling with me, desperate to bridge the gap between what was and what I had dreamed it could be. Then one day he walked out. And I became a single mother. And boy, did I cling to God to get me through the financial mess, the emotional mess ok, still working on that one and the spiritual mess my life was in. I do not think sleeping with my now ex-husband caused the deterioration of our marriage.

I would have not had to experience the pain of miscarriage, the excruciating pain of separation and divorce. Of course, I would also not have the great joy of my daughter. And, I doubt I would have had to cling so desperately to my Lord to get me through the tough times.

A candid blog about sex…. and sex after divorce

He can and will use whatever situation I find myself in to draw me closer to Him. And I gave Him the perfect opportunity. I have a whole new situation now. One I never ever in a million years thought I would be in; dating after divorce. Even typing the words fills me with fear and nervousness. It just talks about sex as being reserved for the sanctity of marriage. I am no longer married, ergo, no sex for me. The difference between now and the university-virgin version of me is that my relationship with God is stronger than before.

I appreciate the wisdom in not having sex without commitment. But, because of the circumstances of my divorce I am biblically free to remarry. And I want to, someday.

Sex and the Divorced Christian

Which means dating, someday. My prayer now is that I find a man who is equally if not more resolved to serve God and His wisdom. It will be an adventure, that is for sure.