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If the Wanderer tells her that they are not currently in any sort of relationship, she will become their girlfriend. She will modestly end the conversation, but if one returns to her once every 24 hours or simply utilizes the Wait function , she will give the player character one of the following presents each time:. After approximately 30 cycles, Bittercup will revert to her pre-quest dialogue and will not give any more gifts.

This quest can be completed and Bittercup will call the Lone Wanderer her crush regardless of their gender. The name of this quest is a play on the phrase "My cup runneth over", from Psalm Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Quests in Fallout 3. The role-playing mechanics are refined to enhance choice and consequence and depth of character. Stiff, ugly, and sort of Action Man-like, it effectively shatters the illusion that you are interacting with people. This Fallout 3 Re-Animated mod helps rectify that by replacing gameplay-related animations.

How do I install Fallout 3 mods?

Fallout 3 is obsessed with the colour green, so much so everything is seen through a hazy green filter. It is, at least for many players, god damn ugly.

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Fellout gets rid of the green and allows a more natural colour pallette to shine through, evoking the style of the original Fallout games. Energy Visuals Enhanced changes that, adding loads of cool graphical effects to muzzle flash, projectiles, and impacts. Plasma rifles are finally as brilliant to use as they sound.

Not a shrub or grass patch in sight. Flora Overhaul changes this, and is available in a variety of different settings. The whole facial model is adjusted to look less potato-like, with better skin tones than the grubby originals. The Enhanced Camera mod adds a physical body to the game for you to inhabit, meaning you can finally see what your legs look like without resorting to the truly horrific third-person view. Also any acts that automatically swap to third-person such as standing or sitting will now be performed in immersion-sustaining first-person.

Fallout 3 Dating Mod

High quality SSAO, Depth of field, Bloom, and anamorphic lens effects are added, with enhanced in-game shadows, color correction and eye adaptation. Texture packs go a long way to helping older games feel more modern than they are, and the NMC Texture Pack is a vital tool to keeping Fallout fresh.

It replaces almost all environmental textures with HD variants; be that the ground and walls, building interiors, furniture, vehicles, and even litter. You can even gain a sneak bonus during storms, using the howl of the wind to cover your steps. Project Reality does a great deal with lighting — both sun and moon — to add a more realistic atmosphere to the game. Like Enhanced Weather, things like thunderstorms and radioactive rain are also part of Project Reality. Add a little atmosphere to your nighttime wasteland strolls with this Fallout Street Lights mod, adding light beams to all the streetlamps and signs in the game.

Some even flicker on and off for that authentic broken technology feel.

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The days of scrolling through dialogue options or Pip-Boy pages is over. If you want a little place to call your own in DC, then grab this Underground Hideout mod. Located at the southeast end of the Wasteland near Rivet City, the vault includes everything a wasteland survivor could need, including a stocked armory, display areas, item sorters, and special weapons.

With this Mothership Zeta crew mod installed, a button on the starship can be pressed to engage a new quest line that will see you recruit a new crew that will become a faction worthy to go up against the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel. It makes every NPC unique in stats, size, and skin textures.

Essential Fallout 3 Mods

One of the big things coming to Fallout 4 is the ability to build settlements and start trade routes between them. If you want that kind of feature right now, Real Time Settler adds something similar to Fallout 3. You can build your own village, decorate it how you wish, and then start manufacturing weapons and armour to sell on the black market. Weapons are not just single answers to all problems. Sometimes they need adjusting to work for the job.

If you could do with a silencer adding to that pistol. Simply take it to a workbench and start upgrading.

Not everyone is going to be at home listening to a bit of swing or jazz music on their Pip-Boy, so it was only a matter of time before a modder opened up a new broadcast channel. Whatsmore, the mod actually puts a physical recording studio for the station in the world, which you can visit to learn more about the robotic DJ.